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      John Locke
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      What specific challenge are you having?

      I believe I look for excitement and thrill in my trading while I believe I should look at it more like a work than a game.

      How is that a challenge for you now?

      I tend to look for “coups” or trades with outsized returns. That leads me to take too much risk and not take my profits early enough.

      How long have you had this challenge?


      What have you done in the past to overcome the challenge?

      Write daily journals in each trade. I treat my trading as a business in the sense where I have a consistent routine, I write journals, I write extensive trading plans. I have this new idea where I could do a one lot trade for fun while I do the rest of my ……end text

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      Jenica Locke

      The video index for this session is now ready to view. Enjoy!

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      Jenica Locke

      The recording of the Trading performance session from earlier today is ready to view. Enjoy!

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      Sherri Locke
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      The Mental Game of Trading: A System for Solving Problems with Greed, Fear, Anger, Confidence, and Discipline is the recommended reading for this month!

      This book is a step-by-step system for mastering trading psychology. Think about your most costly and recurring trading mistakes. Chances are that they’re related to common errors such as chasing price, cutting winners short, forcing mediocre trades, and overtrading. Learn to recognize them and solve them!

      Get more information on this book at:

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      Jenica Locke

      Please post your questions or topics for discussion in the REPLY TO box below, 48 hours prior to the live session.

      To request a coaching session during the live trading performance session, please click here.

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