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      Raymond Joseph
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      Hello all.

      If you think having the ability to access multiple FOLDERS for your trades would be helpful, please LIKE THIS TOPIC and perhaps I can convince OV to add that to their list of most requested features.

      The following is a chat that occurred in the APM Skype chat room dealing with the issue. It may provide some insight for those interested in this topic.

      Bottom line- I would love to have a pulldown menu bar to allow you to access multiple folders within OV, without having to rename the folders ( RECORDS).

      Any suggestions?


      [3/10/16, 5:36:01 PM] Raymond Joseph: Does anyone know if there is a way to have historic trades in OV easily accessible without having to move them in and out of the RECORDS folder. I like having my LIVE trades in the RECORDS folder so I don’t have to fumble through a long list during the trading day, but if I want to keep my historic trades I move them into another folder. It would be nice if OV let you access two folders from within the program. Is that a feature that exists that I am unaware of?
      [3/10/16, 5:40:50 PM] Adrian Mesoznik: T log/ archive maybe?
      [3/10/16, 8:24:06 PM] Dave Thomas: Raymond – concerning moving around trades in OV folders, I am not aware of a feature that will allow access to multiple folders from within the program. To somewhat get around this, I code all my LIVE trades with an exclamation point at the beginning of the name of the file, for example ( ! 16 April M3 Dave ), in this way , OV will put any trade with a ! point right to the top of the list of all your trades. The rest is the year, month, strategy and my account name in TOS. When I finish with a month of trades I simply transfer them into a special archive folder I set up to hold all finished trades. Sometimes I will leave a few months in my normal folder but if I do I will rename the account name and simply eliminate the ! point. In this way, all my LIVE trades are always right at the top of my account list. Hope this helps…..
      [3/11/16, 6:55:01 AM] Raymond Joseph: Dave, thanks. Much appreciated. Also, I got a response from OV telling me there was no way to access 2 folders, but to consider renaming the desired folder to RECORDS to switch to those trades. I suggested they may want to add that to requested features for the future.
      [3/11/16, 10:58:29 AM] Cynthia Sarver: Another way is just to go to File >> Preferences >> Folders and change the Recordkeeping Files to the secondary folder that you’re using. You can’t access both sets of files at once, but you can (fairly) easily switch from one to the other.
      [3/11/16, 11:21:22 AM] Raymond Joseph: OV guru. I knew you would know the answer. Still it seems like an easy upgrade that users would love.
      [3/11/16, 11:53:57 AM] Dave Thomas: Raymond – I use this secondary folder as well and I keep it in a dropbox account which is very useful if you are not at your home computer, you can then access it from anywhere. I call it ” Optionvue Archive Account “. So every once in a while when my main ” Records ” account is getting too many accounts in it, I simply copy and paste my old trades that I want to put into the archive account for strorage or retreival as our OV guru states above. This keeps my current ” Records ” account with only the accounts that I want to see at current. By the way, all of my OV software and accounts are all up in dropbox so that I can easily access them from any computer that I am on. It works really good.
      [3/11/16, 11:56:22 AM] Sherri Locke: @raymond-I would suggest posting this string in the community in the OptionVue forum. The OV folks are members and would be able to view the suggestions. Not to mention it would give you more points… 🙂
      [3/11/16, 12:12:24 PM] Raymond Joseph: Will do. (yotm)

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