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OV 8.24 issue

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      Sherri Locke
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      Hey guys, is it just me or did the Jul 31 monthly expiration disappear in OV?
      I cant get it back, even when entering it explicitly…

      OV reply:

      This is a known issue in version 8.24 that we’re working on solving for the next version.

      There is a workaround solution available using version 8.25c. You would first have to upgrade to the beta version by replacing the
      Opvue.exe file in your C:\OpVue8 directory. I have shared version 8.25c on Google drive. Download the Opvue.exe file from Google Drive.
      Close OptionVue8 and copy/paste this file into the OpVue8 folder, which will replace the current Opvue.exe file. (see 1st screenshot)

      Here are the RUT Jul31 expiration workaround steps:

      Restart OptionVue8 after replacing the Opvue.exe file and open your RUT matrix.
      Go to Define/AutoStrike and uncheck AutoStrike enabled. (see 2nd screenshot)
      Go to Define/Options and manually enter JUL M July 30, 2017, into the Expirations table. (see 3rd screenshot)

      The July 31 expiration will be added to your RUT matrix. Let me know if that works.

      That did bring the expiration back… but it still doesn’t update the prices for it. Will keep you posted.

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