This group is for members who would like to discuss the impossible trade goal of 2020 which will be featured on the GO Ask A Trader sessions.

Trading Goal Set for 2020

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      Bernard Riley
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      I think this is a marvelous idea and would love to be a part of such an audacious project.

      Tony Robbins talks often about creating a “Compelling Future” and this would certainly fit the bill

      I believe every participant in this will gain so much insight into their own psychology and how to become a professional trader.

      That is priceless!

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        John Locke
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        Thanks Bernard, I look forward to the project!

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      Sherri Locke
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      The impossible goal that has been set is to turn $200 into $100,000 in 5 years without the need for analytical software or to monitor the position. Plans are being made. Strategies are being tested. Spreadsheets are being created. This is happening! See more details at:

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