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OptionNET Explorer/OPtionVue

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      John Locke
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      All newer  strategies have been developed for ONE.

      I have also modified all older strategy rules (M3, BB, ROCK) to be used ONE with software (except for the SSS V condor which we no longer recommend trading).

      I am currently using ONE with all strategies in the GO membership, with the Pro examples, and for personal positions. I use Option Vue for the trades I run for the hedge fund I trade with.

      Therefore, you will see me using ONE “most of the time” but If there is a problem with ONE or a client who uses OV has a trade to review based on OV or I am reviewing a hedge fund trade, I’ll use OV.

      If you would like to use OV, that is fine but be aware of your settings.

      For M3, BB, and ROCK, please see the resources in the community for the settings and be sure to follow the OV guidelines

      For all other strategies, please use the EIOIO volatility model if using OV.

      Note that you can use either software package but if you “follow” the trades I do on ONE with OV or you do are trading one of our strategies “by the guidelines” realize that you will  often get different Greeks and so forth between OV and ONE, and therefore, may be positioned differently and/or get different results from trade to trade.


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      N K
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      Are we using OptionNET Explorer or OPtionVue both? If we are using both then can you please explain when we should be using one or the other?


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