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Execution issue RUT

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      John Locke
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      Thanks for the question.  I’m trying to make sure I understand the question. There seems to be 2 topics here.

      The first being that you don’t feel you were able to exit I a price that you thought you would. If this is correct, this is a standard topic/question we can address at the meeting.

      The second being that you had a limit order “sitting” in the platform for -41.8 and it “later” filled for -40.92. If this is the case, this should not happen and would be a broker issue. In this case I would suggest contacting IB to resolve the issue. A note here however, “IF” you put the limit order in “and” it filled immediately, then I’d be relatively certain that you put the order in incorrectly. This is extremely easy to do with the IB platform.

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      Erwin Storms
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      hi John, am in Europe so not sure I can attend live session but for sure will listen afterwards.

      I ran into following problem:

      I had an iron butterfly on in RUT 2200/2250 2250/2300 trading between -40.75 ~ -42.5 $ per contract

      This position was on for several weeks and approaching 21 DTE so wanted to get out and lock in profit. (I’m a recent member and try to include more and more of what I learn in here; had this position on prior to becoming a member).

      It got kind of awkward not being able to get out easily. Moved price from midpoint to ‘worse’ (ie ‘less negative’ price which then reduces P/L) and also that didn’t trigger for more than an hour or so. And then, all of a sudden I got out at -40.92$ which was then different from my limit price of -41.8$. Strange. (I’m with IB)

      I don’t have a lot of experience (yet) with these combinations, but I found it complicated to get out of the position. Any suggestions/opinion you could share on this?

      Thank you!


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