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When exactly do I do the trades


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      John Locke
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      I would suggest that you create a time towards the end of the trading day, that is consistent from day to day, in order to make your decision on whether or not you’re going to make the adjustment as well as what type of adjustment you’re going to make. This time should leave you enough time available to make the needed adjustments before the market closes. Once the decision is made, the exact time that you execute the trades can be any time before market close.

      The reason for having a decision time in order to make your adjustments, is so that we are not reacting to the moment to moment price movements during the trading day. Instead we are simply picking a time of day, at some point between 3:00 o’clock in 3:45 to make our decision, and then once we’ve made our decision, we can take the time to execute the trades as efficiently as possible.

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      Jason Krautkramer
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      For the strategies, do I try to execute the trades exactly at 3:30? Meaning do I check the positions beforehand in preparation of executing them at 3:30? Or, do I look at them at 3:30 and make the decision to execute or not at that time?

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