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Annotating P&L Diagram on O.N.E.


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      John Locke
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      I’m not aware of a way to do that although it may be possible.

      I do it essentially the same way you do, make a picture and draw on it

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      Steven Ganz
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      Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas on how a person might mark up or annotate a P&L diagram in ONE?  I have suggested this as a possible feature almost a year ago to them, but it is not a priority and may never happen.  I do know I can enter comments upon trade entry to trade adjusting, but those go away if you are not on the day of that entry/adjustment.

      My thought process is that I would LOVE to have my entire trade plan marked out on the P&L diagram complete with Price lines on the price axis for where I would adjust, etc?


      Right now, I copy my initial image over OneNote and mark it up there, but of course I then have to go and refer to it as opposed to just having it on my diagram.


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