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      John Locke
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      Hi Jun,

      I believe that you are asking “How do I know the effect of an adjustment will be on my position?” And if I can add to that, the next question might be “How can I track my P/L after adjustments?”

      Try watching this video It will show how you can keep track of the profit and loss of your trade campaign.

      Once you understand this, what you’ll do is put your trade for the initial position in the analyze tab and then analyze your potential adjustment against the original position. If you need more help please post this question for an Options Trading For Income Meeting or a GO Ask a Trader Meeting and I can show an example.


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      Jun Zhang
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      Under the course comparison section, it says that the QUICK AND DIRTY BWB does not require analytic software. How do I manage delta in thinkorswim alone? I am able to see the Position Delta in the Risk Profile tab and in the Activity and Positions tab, but how do I am not able to see how my position adjustments (i.e rolling the upper long higher) affects the Position Delta. Am I missing something? any comments/advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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