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Trading performance courses that could be available:

Broken Wing Butterfly Master Track

This track includes four classes with over six hours of instruction.

During this track series, John Locke will show how to profitably trade Broken Wing Butterfly (BWB) profile positions on the SPX, RUT, and NDX. The track series will start at a basic level from the very beginning and progress through to the advanced concepts behind the broken wing butterfly profile trade. This track does not teach a specific strategy but will cover the concepts behind all the popular broken wing butterfly profile trades including how to pick the proper entries and the best upside and downside adjustment strategies for specific market conditions.

How To Best Utilize Calendar Spreads CourseHow To Best Utilize Calendar Spreads

This course is to provide you a deep understanding of how calendar spreads work so you can find the best opportunity to profit from these powerful trading strategies.

This session is for Trading Success Blueprint PRO traders in Stage 5  to focus on.


The Trading Triangle logoThe Trading Triangle

This course is a recording of a live seminar held in Maui, Hawaii with many extra bonuses. It provides over fifteen hours of education on building a solid trading business, trading systems, and performance psychology of successful traders.

If you are ready to take your trading to the next level and are considering becoming a full-time trader, this is a MUST for your education library. Here is why…

“John has an advanced understanding of options trading and a sincere desire to teach them and help others achieve that knowledge. Combined with a great teaching style makes him and his programs ideal for already accomplished traders to move up a level in their training.” – Tim P.     Click here and learn about Tim’s trading journey!

This course is for Trading Success Blueprint traders in Stage 3 and above to focus on.

Trader Transformation Workshop

Optimizing your trading for income, high-performance trading psychology, and discover how to make truly profitable strategies.

“The topics I’ve learned and practiced have opened my eyes to a new way of thinking and trading. John’s approach to options income trading and trading psychology are a game-changer for me! Love it!” – Adam S.

This course is for Trading Success Blueprint traders in Stage 4 and above to focus on.

Ultimate Income Trader

This is a recording of a live workshop which contains over thirteen hours of video with supporting slides, tlogs, spreadsheets, and exercises so you can become the Ultimate Income Trader!

Deep discussions on implied volatility, extrinsic value, the Greeks, skew cures, trade execution, volatility, trading psychology, market analysis, decision making, debriefing trades, and many other important option trading subjects. One attendee said:

“Through John’s teachings, my trading has progressed from following strict guidelines to better understanding the implications and subtleties of how the market (price movement, volatility, etc.) affects my positions. I have gained a significant amount of confidence as I continue to expand my skills through the many opportunities offered by Locke In Your Success.” – Susan F. Click here and learn about Susan’s trading journey!

This course is for Trading Success Blueprint traders in Stage 4 and above to focus on.


Advanced Position Management and Advanced Personal Management two very important topics together! When you have significant experience with the M3 strategy, seize this opportunity and break free.

The on-line program consists of sixteen videos with over eleven hours of instruction with teachings on: trading psychology, proper backtesting, managing the T+0 line, efficient use of capital and trade adjustments, trade execution, gradually and synthetically reconfiguring positions and lots and lots of examples.

Raymond who attended the live seminar had this to say…

This course is for Trading Success Blueprint traders in Stage 4 and above to focus on.